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PostStory: Australian Banknotes Are Tough!
Posted by trickymario7654 3 years ago (3 Feb 2018)
This is a rather amazing story involving a $10 dollar note, a $20 dollar note, and a washing machine.

Our story begins at the end of last year and my brother had a 10 and a 20 in his pocket. Ive tracked these two notes on the site and you can view them here...

Anyways, Dad put the clothes in the washing without realising they were still inside the pocket and later that day, my brother reported that he couldnt find the notes. We theorised that he left them at one of our relavites place or at the shopping centre (where he had spent a $50 note). A few days later, we had found bits of the $10 note inside the washing machine, so we knew that they had to be inside the machine. So my dad took out the agitator and searched the water drain slots and noticed the folded $20 was visible. Using a pair of tweezers, he was able to pick it out of the machine and the note was spent at a BIG W the same day (although a little bit of it was missing, but more than 95% of the note was intact).

However, we failed to spot the $10. We thought that it was gone and broken up by the water inside the machine. A few weeks later, I found another bit of the note inside the washing basket, much to my surprise. But, the real breakthrough came today when we heard a banging noise inside the machine. After the cycle was complete, we found that my brother had left a 50 cent peice inside his pocket which had fallen out during the cycle. Curiously, my dad thought I wonder if that $10 note is still in there?, so checked the water drain slots and noticing something blue inside it.

I was pretty curious too but I had to hang the washing and while I was outside, he grabbed the tweezers and it happened to be the $10 dollar note which was stuck inside the machine for little over a month! Asides from some ink damage and missing bits (which I have most of), the note was pretty much intact! Just when we had given up on finding it, curiosity led to us recovering the note. Just goes to show how durable Australian banknotes are, as if it was paper, there was no way it would of survived the water.

Ill post pictures of the $10 note later.

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PostStory: Australian Banknotes Are Tough!
Posted by heihachi73 3 years ago (5 Feb 2018)
They are tough. I have noticed a trend with the new $5 notes (and probably the new $10s when more of them are circulated) where some people have been deliberately trying to fold or otherwise damage them in the clear part only for it to remain intact, somehow they must think because there is no printing there that they would have a weak spot, but no, they are as tough as ever.

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