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Post50 note lost in the us
Posted by kezza 13 years ago (31 Jan 2008)

I've been tracking money in the states ( for a couple of years now. Today I came across a 50 dollar note that was given to me from an Australian friend a few years back so I thought I'd see if Australians track money, too. And you do! But I don't seem to be able to enter this bill. I suppose it's too old. The serial number is three letters followed by 6 numbers. Looking at scans of your current money I can see that they are quite different from the one I have. I'm wondering if this bill is still legal tender, or does Australia recall its old money when new money is released? I've heard some countries do this. I don't plan to spend it in any case. It's more valuable to me as a reminder of an old friend (although I might have to change my mind if our dollar continues to fall!), but I'm curious.

I'm glad I visited this website, in any case. It's interesting to see how money is tracked in other places. I was surprised to find that you can't write on your money but you can put a sticker on it. It's the opposite for us.

I enjoyed my visit. Track on!


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Post50 note lost in the us
Posted by moneyman93 13 years ago (1 Feb 2008)
Good to hear from another Money Tracker. The note you have is from the set of paper notes Australia had before we introduced polymer (plastic) banknotes. They were replaced from 1992 onwards when a plastic 5 was released (1's were replaced with coins in 1984, 2's in 198 then one per year until the 100 in 1996. The bill is still legal tender (although some people would be unfamiliar with it) although once it ended up in a bank it would be destroyed. In terms of as a banknote collector, it's probably worth $55 (there a few on Aus. eBay) but certainly still worth holding onto, as not many people would have held onto such a high value note. The other thing of interest is that here in Australia, 50's are common, unlike in the US I hear. Hear you get them out of cash machines etc.

Hope I was of help. Oh, and the links below are to the forums relevant to the issues you raised.

Hope you get to track some Aussie dollars sometime.

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Post50 note lost in the us
Posted by stair 12 years ago (24 Feb 2009)
You get $50 notes out of cash machines here... I always take my money out in them, unless I specifically want $20

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