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Posted by moneyman93 14 years ago (16 Dec 2007)
I know that if you have any non current banknotes you are not likely to spend them, but I still think the system should be expanded to allow the tracking of:
-Paper notes ($1-$100)
-1988 Bi-centennial Polymer $10 notes
-1992 Polymer $5 Notes

One of the Canadian money trackers allows the entry of $1 and $2 notes (one $2 note actually has 1 hit), and the South African Moneytracker allow the entry of 1,2 and 5 rand notes, even though 1's haven't been issued for about 25 years. I know you're not probably actually going to spend the notes, but I still tghink it would be good, just as a matter of interest.

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