Note information


$20 banknote (2007)

Serial number: EGxxxxx495

Date Location Distance Total Dist.
29 Jun 2015, 11:39am Warwick, WA 0km 0km
15 Aug 2015, 12:49pm Waikerie, SA 2,269km 2,269km
14 Mar 2017, 2:07pm Melbourne City, VIC 601km 2,870km
Marked with website
28 Apr 2017, 8:29am Windsor, VIC 7km 2,877km
10 May 2017, 7:11pm Upper Sturt, SA 647km 3,524km
Good condition but has the money tracker website written on it.
18 Jun 2017, 12:01pm Rowville, VIC 669km 4,194km

Where this note has travelled