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$5 banknote (2007)

Serial number: FKxxxxx784

Date Location Distance Total Dist.
17 May 2014, 5:52pm Fremantle, WA 0km 0km
7 Dec 2014, 8:43am Airport West, VIC 2,723km 2,723km
reasonable condition
13 Dec 2014, 3:02pm Melton West, VIC 28km 2,752km
11 Oct 2015, 9:47am Box Hill North, VIC 52km 2,804km
It has " where has this note been? Money" written on the note in black pen. It has been folded in half and the corner has been folded before too.
24 Jan 2024, 3:48am Warrnambool, VIC 236km 3,040km
Seen when counting my till at work. Condition is great, no rips or sticky tape

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